Know How Rodent Infestation Can Damage Your Home

Rodent infestation is one of the nightmares for every homemaker. You often check your kitchen and other hidden places for these nasty creatures as they come around with many diseases. But do you know apart from diseases, they can severely damage your property as well?

Yes, both mice and rats seem to prefer warm places over cold ones. Therefore, they always seek shelter in homes where the temperatures are on the warmer side. And so, you need to learn more about how these rodents can cause damage to your home and other adjacent areas.

Holes In Your Home

The first thing to know about these creatures is that they can enter your property through holes as tiny as half an inch. And do not worry if the hole isn’t big enough for them. They gnaw their tracks and pathways pretty smoothly to enter the property and start reproducing.

For mice, they seem to be tinier than the rats and hence can squeeze through the holes of 1/4 inch. So, in any case, the first damage you will be looking at is the creation of these holes that will be the entry points of these creatures in your home. And since they are excellent at gnawing, they will continue to chew the walls till they make it large enough to wriggle through.

Damages To The Sewer System

Although the rats and mice do not enter through the sewers, it can happen if they do not find a track to enter through the walls. And rats are excellent swimmers. So, they utilize this pathway to get entry into your property. So, remember, it might not be a common occurrence. But it can always happen.

Also, if the rodents find adequate shelter, warmth, food, and water in that area, they will continue to stay. And they will continue to grow their population pretty fast. So, yes, it will be highly unpleasant, frightening, and even disgusting to think about such creatures roaming freely in your home. But the worst is yet to come.

Creating Their Nests

Rodents always prefer soft, pleasant, comfortable nests for reproduction. So, they will be looking for old clothes, newspapers, books, cardboard boxes, essential files, etc., to create that perfect place. So, if you have anything that they can chew on, be prepared to see them in shredded forms.

Continual Hunting For Food

The quest for food seems to be a never-ending task for these rodents. Since they will be reproducing, they need more energy and food supplies. And as they will roam around, they will continue to drop their feces and urinate along the way. It is the easiest way of contaminating everything in your house. Along with that, they can chew almost on everything. That means, even if you think those rigid cardboards are safe, know that the rats can make a way through it.

It might sound highly daunting thinking how everything in your house is now infected and highly dangerous for your family. And they come with a long list of diseases that can be severe depending on the level of infestation. So, the wisest thing to do is call your rodent pest control services and eliminate them as soon as possible.